1. November 18th, 2018 @ Alte Schmiede at Vienna (Austria)

    ensemble]h[iatus : With Tiziana Bertoncini (violin), Angelika Sheridan (flutes), Thomas Lehn (piano, syntheziser), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Isabelle Duthoit (clarinet), Fabrice Charles (trombone) and Martine Altenburger (cello)
    Within the festival Wien Modern. Program : Earle Brown.

  2. December 1st, 2018 @ IOIC - Institut de cinématographie incohérente at Zürich (Switzerland)

    With Camille Emaille (percussion), Xavière Fertin (clarinet) and Hans Koch (clarinets)
    Music for Destiny (1921) by Fritz Lang

  3. December 8th, 2018 @ Lavoir Moderne Parisien at Paris (France)

    With Frédéric Blondy (piano)

  4. February 10th, 2019 @ Koncertkirken at Copenhag (Denmark)

    With Ying-Hsueh Chen (percussion) and Junko Ueda (vocals, biwa)